Woolly Pockets Provide Gardening Options For Urban Life

Casa Verde: Woolly Pockets

High-rise dwellers and cramped urban home owners often have to minimize the amount of vegetation their homes can sustain. It's often simply a matter of space: balconies and parking strips do not a garden make. Or do they?

Turns out, it depends on what type of container you have in your garden toolbox. If you're the owner of an underused green thumb, you'll be excited to learn about Woolly Pockets. I first spotted them over a year ago at Flora Grubb's garden center, and was intrigued. Made from felt derived from recycled plastic bottles, Woolly Pockets come in two styles that allow you to use them in either horizontal spaces (as shown below), or on a vertical surface, such as an interior or exterior wall.

Since Woolly Pockets have built-in moisture barriers, you don't have to worry about them leaving an unwanted imprint on furniture or rugs. The planters come in three different styles: the Wally, perfect for use on vertical surfaces; the Meadow, a great choice for creating a garden effect with mutliple plants; and the Island, which serves single plants well. Costs range from $30 to $350 depending on style and size. The company provides in-depth information on how to plant and maintain your Woolly Pocket in its questions and answers section, including why it's best to use filtered water with its product.

Want to see if a Woolly Pocket would work in your home? Check out these photos for some ideas.