Wood Stools and Side Tables

5 Wooden Stools With a Special Je Ne Sais Quoi

The rippled edges of the Room & Board Fluted Curved Stool ($299) are what got me started on all of this. They're sensual and inviting to touch. Beautiful!

I recently fell for a wooden stool/side table that I spotted at a friend's new apartment. WIth a solid, polished, tree-trunk shape, the design looked much like other wooden stools that are so popular these days, but rippled edges made it stand out from the rest. The subtle detail was engaging and gave it a certain je ne sais quoi — or lagniappe, "a little something extra," as they say in New Orleans. So I decided to seek out other wooden stools with a slightly more intriguing shape. Check out this slideshow to see all of my fab finds!