Wintry Bedrooms and Winter Decorating Ideas

5 Wonderfully Wintry Bedrooms

The roaring fire in this Living Etc bedroom makes it an absolutely dreamy place to recover from the chill of the outdoors, and cozy layers of rich purple and magenta quilts bring a dose of warm color to the gray interior.

Like a big, fuzzy bear, I tend to go into hibernation in wintertime. When it's chilly or rainy, I forgo after-work happy hours and make a beeline home to curl up on my sofa in front of a classic romcom or relax in bed with a good read. During these low-key days, it's important that my bedroom is as cozy as can be. For starters, I have a faux fur comforter from Pottery Barn that's like a black hole; once I'm in it, I'll never get out. I've also got dozens of candles to set the mood. And, I like to keep my palette cool, neutral, and free of jarring patterns or colors. I thought I'd round up a few more wintry bedrooms to inspire your own boudoir decorating. Check them out!