What TV Series Did These Kitchens Star In?

My quiz on films in houses has been quite popular with y'all. But, I wondered if you're just movie buffs, or if you have an eye for television series set design as well. These kitchens may sit on a studio lot somewhere, but that doesn't mean they're anything short of pretty to look at. Take this quiz to see how sharp your eye is for TV kitchens!

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This kitchen was the hub of socializing for some of my favorite TV characters. What show did it star in?
Gilmore Girls
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What popular series did this modern blue and white kitchen star in?
Sex and the City
Gossip Girl
Cashmere Mafia
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You'll find this charming tiled kitchen in which TV series?
Two and a Half Men
My Boys
The Drew Carey Show
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This open plan kitchen, dining room, and living room is home to the characters in what show?
Samantha Who?
Gossip Girl
Lipstick Jungle
Jack and Jill
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This mid-century kitchen may look dated today, but it's well-designed for the TV series it starred in. Can you name it?
Happy Days
I Love Lucy
Mad Men
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What fashionable TV series did this sleek, modern kitchen star in?
Dirty Sexy Money
Cashmere Mafia
Lipstick Jungle
Sex and the City
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What series has this colorful, retro kitchen starred in?
That '70s Show
Pushing Daisies
Ugly Betty
The Hills
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What series did this beautiful island kitchen star in?
The City
The Hills
Gene Simmons Family Jewels
The Real Housewives of Orange County
Guess What Films These Houses Starred In?
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Guess What Films These Houses Starred In?