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How well did you read CasaSugar this week? Take my quiz to find out!

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Tori Spelling's home is currently for sale. What color did she paint her nursery?
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What inspired this room?
Kate Hudson's dress.
Beyonce's tour photo.
Cindy McCain's makeup.
Betty Suarez's apartment.
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The owner of this house, Rachel Ashwell, created what design trend?
Gothic Glam
Preppy Chic
Shabby Chic
Hollywood Regency
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Who was the guest judge this week on Top Design?
Rachel Ashwell
Simon Doonan
Charlotte Moss
The Campana Brothers
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This week, a Su Casa member turned a plate holder into what?
A clothesline
A dish dryer
A necklace and bracelet holder
A hat
What Do You Know About Beck's Home?
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What Do You Know About Beck's Home?