Vintage Mirrors and Artwork by London Designer Huw Griffith

Artist of the Day: Huw Griffith

People these days have a terrible habit of painting and lacquering beautiful old mirrors, tables, and desks to give them "a modern update." On the other end of the spectrum, you have your shabby chic enthusiasts who rub and scrape up pieces of furniture in perfectly good condition to give them "the vintage look." While I'd much prefer antique furnishings be used as-is, and vice versa, there is one artist whose redesigns I don't mind. In fact, I covet them.

London-based designer Huw Griffith reimagines antique décor by covering 19th century mirrors in faded vintage fabric and reworking plywood conservatory chairs with vintage floral wallpaper. His one-of-a-kind mirrors are carefully antiqued and backed with rare textiles so that the papers show through parts of the glass. As he describes it, "Knock off the bits you don't want, and leave on the bits that you do." Before Griffith gets his hands on them, the pieces might've been overlooked at a flea market, but he gives them a time-worn look, transforming them into something more beautiful and nostalgic. He's also created commissioned art pieces from mercury glass bottles to painted mirror cabinet doors to mixed media mantel paintings for the likes of Paul Smith, Gordon Ramsay, Designers Guild, and more. And did I mention that he's also absolutely dashing? Take a gander at Huw's arresting artwork below.