Top Design, Episode Six: "Eco-Offices"

Top Design, Episode Six: "Eco-Offices"

In the latest episode of Top Design, the remaining designers tackled a project near and dear to my heart: renovating a space in a green fashion. Guest judge Danny Seo, whose green designs and ideas I love, offered the contestants advice on remembering the R words (reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose, and be resourceful, among others) in their spaces.

The designers were challenged to use all materials in the office (including ugly desks and bad carpet). They were also given fabric remnants to work with instead of new fabric as well as low VOC paint. Contestants were paired with clients and challenged to renovate their office spaces in an environmental manner.

Some designers were gung-ho about this challenge, while others were immediately put off by the idea. In particular, Eddie came off as a snob, calling his client a dork, berating him for his use of the word "funky," and then repeatedly uttering "Ew" as he had to do the demeaning work of going through boxes of fabric remnants. Oh, the horror!

To see who won and who had to leave the show, read more.

Just as the contestants were beginning to ease into their design ideas, India Hicks presented the designers with a twist: the contestants had to hand the keys to the office space over to another designer. This meant that the designers then inherited the prior design decisions of their fellow contestants.

Overall, the designers did a much better job this week with their designs. I loved Ondine's water bottle chandelier, and I liked Preston's bookshelf and defined, elegant use of color on the walls. Oh, and I also was coveting India Hicks' dress. Was that eco, too?

Wisit had to leave for his dull, ultraminimalist, and uninspired office space, and Eddie won the challenge. Luckily though, we were treated to a final operatic swan song from Wisit.

What struck you as particularly good or bad about this decision? Who did you want to go? Did you think Eddie deserved to win?

Photos courtesy of Bravo