Top Design, Episode Seven: "Room of the Future"

Top Design, Episode Seven: "Room of the Future"

With only six designers remaining, competition is getting stiff on Top Design. India Hicks reiterates this point when she meets with the designers at the beginning of this episode, and then quickly launches into the challenge: Imagine the year is 2108, and the designers must design the room of the future.

To realize their visions, the designers are given $7,000 to spend, the use of carpenters, paint, and fabrics, and two and a half days to plan and execute their rooms. Unfortunately, the designers, who've been asked to let their imaginations run wild, have shown themselves to be less than creative in past challenges, instead playing it safe.

It was revealing to see where the designers' minds went when asked to brainstorm the future. Eddie latched onto cloning, Andrea sketched out family-oriented portable pod housing, and Ondine developed design solutions to accommodate global warming.

Did anyone else find it interesting that the designers shopped for the future at a mid-century modern store?

To find out who won, and who we had to bid adieu, read more.

As the designers frantically attempted to get their rooms together, India Hicks popped in to challenge the designers to a Pop Design quiz, with Jonathan Adler quizzing the designers on "the real deals" in design classics. The challenge reminded me a lit of my less or more posts . . . Nathan won, though he definitely wasn't one of the six who needed immunity, given his past performances.

I loved Ondine's concept, though her room didn't quite live up to the ideas. Nathan's room read as both elegant and inventive, and Preston's traveling hotel room was very slick.

In the end, Natalie was sent home for her poorly planned room, and Preston won for his futuristic hotel suite. (The real winner, in my opinion though, was the Top Design audience, for getting to see Kelly Wearstler's amazing ensemble.) Who did you think deserved to go home? Did you react strongly to any of the rooms?

Photos courtesy of Bravo