Top Design, Episode Nine, "House Challenge"

Top Design, Episode Nine, "House Challenge"

For last night's Top Design, which is the first of a two-part finale, the remaining contestants face a daunting challenge. Instead of a single room, Eddie (who celebrated his birthday on this episode), Ondine, Nathan, and Preston are responsible for styling an entire house in two days. For the first half of this finale episode, each designer is given one room for improvement in each house. The designers also have $20,000 per room to work with; the twist is that only three of the four designers will be coming back for the second half of the finale to finish their homes.

Nathan and Eddie both chose to work in the master bedrooms, while Preston chose a dining room, and Ondine one of the tiny bedrooms as an office space. I loved the backstory we got about each contestant, as well as the photos of their homes, in this episode. (Though, did anyone else notice that we didn't get to see any photos of Eddie's home?)

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I was disappointed with Eddie's use of latticework on the wall of his bedroom, which made his traditional bedroom look positively elderly. Ondine's abandonment of her curtains seemed like a cop out, and I wished that Nathan had pushed the envelope in his design; it just felt dull. On the other hand, I loved Preston's use of color and pattern, and his room was both soothing and easy on the eye (just like Preston).

Flipping Out personality Jeff Lewis guest judged the episode in Kelly Wearstler's place, and all of the judges were notably more difficult in quizzing the contestants for their design decisions. Overall, I wasn't too impressed with most of the designs; the designers didn't seem to do much more in this episode but arrange nice furniture on a generous budget. I missed the creativity of the previous episodes.

At judging, Preston, Ondine, and Nathan were sent on to finish their houses, and Eddie was sent home.

Did you think Eddie deserved to go home? Whose room was your favorite? Did you love the contestants' use of wallpaper this week? Tell me in the comments!

Photos courtesy of Bravo