Top Design, Episode Eight: "Light It Up"

Top Design, Episode Eight: "Light It Up"

Three men (Preston, Eddie, and Nathan) and two women (Ondine and Andrea) remain on Top Design. Right off the bat, we are treated to more homesickness from Andrea (in case you forgot, which it is literally impossible to do if you watch the show regularly, she's Ricky Schroder's wife). As the episode begins, Andrea receives flowers and a love poem from her hubz, which she says makes her even more homesick. Many of you have been anti-Andrea, but I was actually starting to warm up to her. However, this display of adorableness has made me change my mind yet again. (And was it just me, or did Ondine seem a little sarcastic when she said she was thrilled to have met her?)

But on to the design challenge! Things started with a switcheroo, as the designers were asked to complete a pop design challenge before moving on to the main challenge. Using Jonathan Adler accessories, the designers styled the same sets of beige sofas. Eddie won immunity for the challenge (I did love his fern and floral table arrangement). Still, he continues to be a cheeky and, dare I say, rude, dude.

To see who won, and who had to leave, read more.

This week, the designers were challenged to create a room around one focal point: Swarovski crystal lighting. The fixtures were absolutely stunning, and the designers had $22,000 to spend on their rooms. I was in love with Nathan's super-funky rich girl's bedroom — I admired his bold use of the wooden horse and the Keith Haring-esque pop art colors and designs on the wall.

And yay! Jonathan Adler's hubby Simon Doonan was the guest judge for this episode. Though, sadly, this meant that we were denied the opportunity to observe more of Kelly Wearstler's wacky style. Luckily, Nathan helped us out with his bling-bling silver leather jacket, which he wore at judging.

The judges hated Eddie's use of his Swarovski chandelier, which they said looked cheap, but they loved Nathan's room, as well as Preston's, and Preston's sleek living room was declared the winner of the challenge. Before they could declare a loser, though, Andrea offered to leave, since she was homesick for her kids and husband. Did they let her go? Absolutely.

What struck you about this episode? Were you more annoyed by Eddie's attitude, or his obsession with Martha Stewart? Do you get the impression that Preston is a sweet shy nerd who's being ostracized by the cool kids? Tell me in the comments.

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