Tips for Decorating a Studio

Tips For Styling a Studio

Tips For Styling a Studio

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Who knew stressful situation could turn into a peaceful sanctuary? Recently a friend and industry colleague, Josh Michelman, approached me, stressed and in a design emergency. Due to an unfortunate urban incident, he had lost all of his furniture. Compounding the situation, he was beginning a semester of graduate school and a new full-time job. To say the least Josh was a busy man and had no time to deal with his interior design dilemma. Leaving town for a week of work training, he handed me a credit card, gave me a small budget and said, "I trust you. I'd like a place to sleep and sit when I get back." Although Josh trusted me, he didn't leave without a wish list and demands. He needed a space that he could relax, sleep, study and entertain. More challenging, I had to incorporate his random collection of art, photography and travel souvenirs. Keep reading to tour the finished studio!