Tips For Creating a Gallery Wall of Photos and Artwork

11 Tips For Creating a Gallery Wall in Your Home

Emily Henderson added a gallery wall of artwork over graphic wallpaper at Joy and Bob's Hollywood Hills home. Emily recommends creating paper cutouts of your frames before hanging anything on the wall. Check out the episode's video on HGTV for more tips on hanging a gallery wall.

Have more artwork and photographs than you know what to do with? Don't hide them in a closet — display them all on a gallery wall in your home. If you've been tempted to try this art arrangement but have been a little overwhelmed, never fear. It's easier than it looks. Because the art work has a more relaxed look than carefully spaced and geometric arrangements, you can also afford to be a little more playful with scale, spacing, and choice of art. Check out my favorite inspirational photos and tips for making a gallery wall work in your home.