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Meet Target's Next Designer — and Her Home!

Meet Target's Next Designer — and Her Home!

If you're looking to unlock the secrets of mixing high and low decor, look no further than The Everygirl's inside scoop on Kate Arends's Minneapolis, MN home!

A trained graphic designer turned blogger turned marketing coordinator turned designer for Target, Kate Arends of Wit & Delight is a woman who wears many hats. If you've ever read her blog, you know Kate is one seriously talented lady. After working as a designer at Cue in Minneapolis for six years, Kate switched gears completely and became the marketing coordinator for North Corp. Soon, she will be changing roles again, going freelance in March to focus on blogging and consulting, among other exciting ventures. First up is a product collaboration with Target that launches this September, and we can't wait to get our hands on whatever items Kate has in store.

As if her career accomplishments weren't impressive enough, Kate also has some serious interior design talents. Today we're thrilled to show you around the beautiful Minneapolis apartment Kate shares with her husband, Joe. Minimalistic, eclectic, and perfectly curated are just a few words we would use to describe it. We love Kate's home for many reasons, but mostly because she thinks outside of the box, placing elements where no one would think to place them and mixing pieces no one else would think to mix. Case in point? Propping up a piece of wood with stacks of magazines and then using it as a decorative shelf. Using chairs as nightstands. Flipping a trunk on its side and placing a mirror and candles atop it. These elements are so perfectly blended you wouldn't even notice they were out of the ordinary at first glance. Like all great designers, she also mixes highs and lows; Ikea furniture with beautiful Bertoia chairs from her grandmother and Etsy art with a one-of-a-kind tape drawing by Neal Perbix. And we love her all the more for it.

Read on to hear all about Kate's career, her beautiful home, and what she loves most about living in Minneapolis.

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