Summer Dinner Party Decor

Yes, BBQs Can Be Chic — Here's How!

Yes, BBQs Can Be Chic — Here's How!

There's no doubt that BBQs are a Summer staple, but if you're over the classic chips, dip, and hamburger trio, we're here to help. Looking to break away from the red cups and paper plates? We've found the ways to take your next party to an entirely new level. And before you think it takes a lot of work on your part, we're here to assure you that's not the case. By switching up your standard grilling routine with a few fresh recipes and opting for unexpected touches (rosemary plant centerpieces, anyone?), you can host a dinner that no one will expect but everyone will remember. Consider it done.

— Styling by Angela Elias & Emily Bibb

Photo: Anna Monette Roberts