Summer Decorating Ideas 2011-05-17 11:55:00

4 Ideas For Summer Decorating From the Wall Street Journal

Domino alum Sara Ruffin Costello offers a few ideas to let the sun shine in for a few people she knows "who could benefit from a little summerfication." Here's my favorite:
The make-do-er. This poor woman has no proper drinking glasses. I have no idea why, but whenever I am offered a beverage, it is handed to me in a coffee mug or a plastic cup. The fix: So that this may never happen again, I suggest corralling three stacks of swirly Italian drinking glasses, a pitcher and a bowl filled with lemons and limes on a tray on the kitchen counter — permanent and stylish relief for thirsty summertime visitors.
Photo courtesy of Francois Halard/Trunk Archive

We may be experiencing dreary weather across the country, but Summer is just around the corner. So we should all get our homes ready for the rays. The Wall Street Journal's newest feature, The Off Duty 50, launched this past weekend with tons of tips for Summer decorating in the warmer months ahead, from arranging flowers to selecting the brightest beach chairs to freeing "Winter's captives," from their homes. Come along and check out a few of my favorite ideas for the upcoming season.