Succulent Planting Ideas

An Easy Flower Frog Succulent Arrangement

Here's a post from CasaSugar Community member and Sugar staffer Lauren from the Su Casa group:

I had bought a couple of flower frogs with the hopes to use them in arrangements, but since they have been sitting in my garage for at least six months, I decided it was time to try something else out with them. I went through my pots of succulents and broke off the smaller ones for a grand total of probably 15 little succulents. With a small pile of spanish moss and the aid of a screwdriver, I stuffed the flower frog about half full of moss. I gingerly placed the succulent stem and their roots within each of the individual slots. After placing all of my succulents, I used more moss and the trusty screwdriver to add even more moss to the frog and stabilize the succulents.

On my next garden store outing, I will probably pick up a couple more small succulents to add. I am hoping the moss will provide enough moisture and structure to allow the plants to establish themselves. If not, it is lovely to add a little greenery to the house!

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