Su Casa: Telescopeeyes' Whimsical Handmade Christmas

Su Casa: Telescopeeyes' Whimsical Handmade Christmas

Last year, Su Casa member Telescopeeyes impressed me with her DIY holiday light project. This year, she's back with some fun and design-savvy holiday decorations. I love how she manages to draw from a variety of sources, from vintage finds to Target, Kid Robot, and Etsy, to create her own, highly personalized style.

Telescopeeyes writes,

I take a slightly offbeat approach to Christmas decor with whimsical and handmade notions, while avoiding going overboard. Many of our decorations are hand-me-down, vintage, handmade items from Etsy, nostalgic toys, and other notions I made sure to buy on sale after the holidays. The traditions of trimming the tree, baking cookies, and wrapping gifts for loved ones are really what makes it feel like Christmas for me.

How do you create your own holiday style, and what feels like Christmas to you?