Su Casa: Sunny Days and Beautiful Blooms

Su Casa member Jessamae22 posted awe-inspiring photos of her sunflower garden. Even though we're bidding the warm weather goodbye, it's good to know that other gardeners are still enjoying their Summer flowers. The photos she took are absolutely stunning, and besides a green thumb, it seems as if Jessamae22 also possesses an artist's eye.

She says, "I have a special spot in my heart for sunflowers . . . they were the first flower that I ever grew from seed. Granted, they are considered pretty easy to grow, but it's still so cool to see just how quickly they sprout and turn into gorgeous blooms! This summer, since we now have a house (!!), I designated a little patch out back for my 'field of sunflowers.' I raked up the dirt, and sprinkled in three different varieties. Not much later, I had my own little sunny spot!"

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