Su Casa: KateDavis's Amazing DIY Dining Room

Su Casa: KateDavis's Amazing DIY Dining Room

Sometimes I am blown away by the utter creativity and DIY know-how of CasaSugar readers. That was the case when I discovered the photos of KateDavis's dining room in the Su Casa group.
She writes, "I wanted a change in my dining room, and after coming across Damien Hirst's 'Valium' online, I knew it would be perfect for my dining room. The only problem . . . the $20,000 price tag for a print." Instead of bemoaning the price tag, KateDavis put her DIY skills to work. She says, "I put a lot of work into recreating the piece and had it printed at Kinkos and framed. It probably ended up being about $80 all in."

KateDavis didn't stop there, though. Her new artwork made her eager to switch out her dining room lighting. To see the incredible DIY chandelier she made, read more.

Kate used the ReadyMade instructions for Jean Pelle's Glass Bulb Chandelier to create this gorgeous chandelier. She writes, "At first I was overwhelmed and concerned I wouldn't be able to make sturdy knots and that I would be in over my head, but the more I looked at the picture the more I knew I needed to try. It took a little while, and many trips to several hardware stores to collect all the materials, but last week I finally had it all together and got to work. I am so thrilled with the results!!! I feel like I have a whole new dining room!"

I have been eyeing this chandelier project for the past month or so myself, and am thrilled with KateDavis's successful re-creation of the lamp. Congratulations to her on all of her hard work!