Su Casa: Easy Paper Decorations and a White Tree

Since I'm starting to deck the house for the holidays, I'm looking for inspiration and new ideas for decorating my home. Luckily, I found some great inspiration on Su Casa from MellyMels.

Mellymels writes,

Since it's a recession and I am an artist I decided to make a lot of decorations from paper. I also got my very first artificial tree, since I have allergies and my boyfriend has asthma (plus the dog likes to eat tree needles).

I printed reversed letters on card stock and then cut them out so when they were flipped you couldn't see the printed lines showing me where to cut. Then I just used double stick tape to hang them them up. This is my first time living with a fireplace so I was determined to spruce it up.

To see her tree, read more.

I love the pinks and reds! Definitely check out the gallery as well for more gorgeous images from her home, including some grown-up garlands.