Studio Bel Vetro Creates Upscale Blown Glass Lighting

Chatting About Jellyfish Pendants, Blown Bauble Chandeliers and More With Studio Bel Vetro

Studio Bel Vetro Creates Upscale Blown Glass Lighting

Lisa Spinelli and Paulo DeLima, the artistic forces between Studio Bel Vetro, a custom-made glass lighting studio, met in a rather fairy-tale-worthy manner. Lisa recalls, "I was taking a glassblowing class and Paulo nonchalantly walked into the studio. It turned out he was the studio manager there and also a teacher. It was love at first sight."

Fast forward a few years, and Lisa and Paulo's beautifully blown chandeliers and pendants now grace a number of upscale residences and businesses, including the W Hotels and Guess, Inc. Lisa started her career as a professional ballet dancer and spent time as a photographer before finding her calling with Studio Bel Vetro. Paulo has been blowing glass for 10 years, and has taught this art extensively. The duo recently gave me a peek at their amazing work, and chatted with me about their amazing lighting designs.