Stony Creek Farm Photos

Take a Farm Vacation at Stony Creek Farm This Summer

Stony Creek Farm Photos

Want to really get away from it all? Then Feather Down Farms may be for you. At this farm stay, friends and families stay in large luxurious tents on a lovely US working farm. Each tent is set up for up to six people, and all food is cooked over a wood-burning stove. The tent's 484 square feet includes a flushing toilet and spacious, comfortable beds. And while the tent’s kitchen has only cold running water, you can take a hot shower on site. This rustic vacation spot relies on candles and lanterns for lighting — but after a day exploring the fields, streams, and forests of the farm, you may be too tired to stay up much after dark!

Let's take a tour of Stony Creek Farm in Walton, NY, one of the lovely farms that is part of the Feather Down Farms family. Feather Down Farms recently shared photos of the farm on its Facebook page, and the inspirational photos had me longing to take a farm vacation of my own. Are you tempted? Learn about this rustic vacation option in the slideshow.