Stephanie Hubbard's Tribeca Loft

Cool Idea: Spell Out Your Name

This is one of the reasons I can't wait to watch Selling NYC! Manhattanite Stephanie Hubbard granted the NY Daily News a peek into her swank Tribeca loft and it does not disappoint. The spunky NYC banking mother of two knows how to use pop while bringing sophistication home. I could point out a thousand fun things that she's done with the place but one of my favorites may be her simple use of plates.

While monogramming may be what some people prefer, I like how this modern lady takes pride in her moniker. Instead of engraving silver frames or stitching pillows, the chic mum showcases her last name on a series of plates mounted on her living room bookshelves. Accompanied by other whimsical objects — a Babar book, a spinning globe, bits of Jonathan Adler, choice vases, and yummy trays — these stand out and will be the perfect family heirloom, if not Thanksgiving dinnerware.

The rest of her place is très swanky and worth a click through the gallery. To check out how she decorated her other rooms, just read more.