Salvage Secrets House Tour

Salvage Secrets Author Joanne Palmisano's Elegant, Reclaimed Style

Salvage Secrets Author Joanne Palmisano's Elegant, Reclaimed Style

Designer and writer Joanne Palmisano has been interested in salvaged materials since she was a tyke. Reminiscing about her childhood, she said, "I'd dig in the backyard for old bottles and hide away in my parent's junk closet making things out of everything they had in it." Year later, when she met her husband, he was building a house in the woods and integrating salvaged materials into the home's design. She's been hooked on decorating and renovating with salvaged materials ever since.

Joanne Palmisano's new book, Salvage Secrets, shares sources, tips, and hundreds of beautiful photos of homes that have used salvaged materials in their renovations. A visit from Better Homes and Gardens originally inspired the book, after the magazine came to her house to do a story on the salvage material she and her husband had used in their home. "The editor was so inspired by my enthusiasm she said, 'You should write a book about this!' So I did." Take a tour of Joanne's beautiful home, and learn more about how you can beautifully and elegantly incorporate salvage work into your home's renovation or everyday décor.

All photos by Susan Teare