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Saddam Hussein's Yacht is For Sale

This Just In: Saddam's Mega-Yacht For Sale

Well before he took his last breath, Saddam Hussein had several mega-yachts commissioned in full-dictator tackiness, including one 269-footer named Qaddisat Saddam (named after guess who?), which recently resurfaced for sale in the South of France under the name Ocean Breeze for a whopping $34 million. Radar has the full story on the vessel, which is nearly dipped in gold, and of course outfitted with "bulletproof glass, closed-circuit television, storage space for a large cache of weapons, including heavy machine guns and surface-to-air missiles, and a secret passage that runs the length of the boat for easy access to a fast-patrol boat and a minisubmarine pod for emergency exits." What a creepy holiday gift this would be. . .








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