Ruud Visser Church House in Holland

Coveted Crib: A House of Worship in Holland

Lexmond, Holland-based Ruud Visser Architects renovated a 1930 wooden church on a river in Rotterdam for a young family, and it's one of the most outstanding homes I've seen. The structure hadn't been in service since the '60s and had been used as a storage space, so it was transformed into a contemporary home. At almost 10,000 square feet, the building could have been divided to house six small families or divided into a bunch of smaller rooms, but instead the architects created wide open spaces underneath the beautiful wooden ceilings to keep that sacred feeling intact. A new glass façade at the rear of the house was built, opening it up to the river and the landscape behind it. The scale of the spaces and the combination of materials, including glass, steel, and wood, is absolutely stunning.

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