Romeo and Juliet Balcony Hosts First Wedding

Back in March, I told you about a balcony in Verona that's supposedly the 14th-century Casa di Giulietta (home of Juliet of Romeo and Juliet fame) in Verona, Italy. While evidence confirming the home's identity is sketchy at best, romantic brides and grooms can live the fantasy —hopefully without the tragedy of the Shakespeare play — for a fee of 1,000 euros. And if you're non-European, you'll pay an additional 300 euros for the opportunity. This payment ensures your rental of the house (and balcony), but the ceremony must be performed inside the home.

The first couple to take advantage of the historic home and balcony tied the knot in romantic fashion today. Hellas Verona footballer Luca Ceccarelli and his wife Irene Lanforti took their vows at Juliet's home and then posed on the balcony for pictures.

Interested in getting married at Juliet's home? You can contact the Verona Tourist Center for all the details.