Remote-Control-Friendly Television and Entertainment Consoles

5 Ravishing Remote-Friendly TV Consoles

Gumps' Maria Yee Metro Media Console ($1,995) is handcrafted with traditional all-wood joinery from eco-friendly BambooTimbre. Its exquisite sliding lattice panels conceal media boxes but still allow the use of remote controls.

Going back to the conversation of irrational pet peeves, one more home habit that I simply can't stand is to when cabinet and furniture doors are left open. I read a book about organizing once that discussed how disorganized people leave kitchen cabinets and other household doors open because they have a tendency not to follow through completely with their actions (like putting away the dishes).

It's one thing to naturally be messy, but there's one way to prevent doors left open: omit them altogether. In the kitchen, get open shelving. And in the living room, make sure your television console is remote-control friendly so that you don't need to open a console door (and leave it wide open) every time you want to change the channel or play a DVD. To that end, I've rounded up five beautiful television consoles for you that are also remote-control friendly. Come check them out!