Remodeling Problems

Are You Addicted to Remodeling?

  1. Your local hardware store knows you by name.
  2. You're addicted to DIY blogs.
  3. HGTV is always on.
  4. Your weekends are booked . . . fixing things.
  5. You find paint color inspiration everywhere.
  6. Flipping houses is your dream job (or current job).
  7. You pound nails (not alcohol) on a Saturday night.
  8. Your friends call you when they need something fixed.
  9. Your electrician has a copy of your keys.
  10. You'd buy a fixer-upper over perfection any day.
  11. You find salvage yards fun.
  12. You believe a finished house is boring.
  13. Your contractor is your best friend.
  14. A measuring tape can be found in your purse.
  15. Allergies kick in when sawdust isn't around.
  16. Your bathroom has the best before and after pics.
  17. Most of your Pinterest boards revolve around home decor.
  18. Your landlord loves you because you can't stop fixing the place up.
  19. You're better at painting your walls than your nails.
  20. You don't cook because the kitchen is constantly under construction.
  21. You have a go-to outfit for weekend renos.
  22. The sound of a saw relaxes you.
  23. You've downloaded apps to make renovating easier.
  24. You started a blog to showcase your improved home.
  25. Your Instagram feed is filled with before and afters.
  26. Your house is the best on the block — because you made it that way.
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