Raul de Molina House Tour

House Tour: An Art Collector's Modern Masterpiece

House Tour: An Art Collector's Modern Masterpiece

Born in Cuba, Emmy Award-winning Univision host Raúl de Molina spent his teenage years in Spain before moving to the United States. It's no wonder, then that his international background is reflected in one of Raúl's major passions: his art collection. Showcased beautifully in his 3,200 square foot condo, which he shares with his wife Mily de Molina and 12-year-old daughter Mia de Molina, Raúl's art collection is incredibly rich and impressive.

Raúl recently shared photos from his home with us and discussed his history as an art collector. With artwork from Pieter Hugo (South Africa), Hunt Slonem (USA), Liu Bolin (China), Wouter Deruytter (Germany), and many, many more, it's truly an international tour.

Source: Claudia Uribe Touri