A Powder Room Makeover With Black and White Stripes

Before and After: From Red to Striped

At first glance, this red bathroom isn't too bad. When I moved into this place, the powder room wasn't my main priority. Now that I've spent some time here, the red has started to wear on me. Worse are the faux sponge marks on the wall though they are hardly visible in the photo. While I may not use the room that often, my guests do. I've thought about wallpapering the room or doing something traditional and simple. That was all before I checked out the latest issue of Lonny. Charmed by the black and white look, I decided to try it out at home. To see my inspiration and how it turned out, read more.

The Lonny bathroom (to the left) got my creative juices flowing. A small powder room is quaint enough to pull off bold black and white stripes and my black and white marble floor would play perfectly into the new theme. After deciding on my new scheme, I went to work.

First, I taped the baseboards with my standard blue tape. Then I painted the entire room with a primer and then a stark white. Unfortunately, the red base was so strong that I had to apply four coats! Once the white was dry, I marked off my 5-inch stripes with a pencil. Then I used my newest find, Frog Tape, to seal off the edges of the stripes. Worried that the black would bleed into the white, I pressed as hard as I could, especially on the molding, ceiling, and baseboard. When all was dry, I gently pulled the tape away from the wall.

Nervous as I was during the drying process, I was ecstatic with the results. The bleeding was minimal and easily touched up with a small paintbrush. I swapped out the gold mirror; pretty as it may be, it was too big for the small space, and hung my $15 flea market find instead.

Before I finished the job, I had turquoise on my mind and considered painting the frame a bright shade of blue. But after testing out my CB2 Fu Dog Bookends ($50) on the back of the toilet, I may be swayed to go with a hint of red. Really any color would be fun in here — kelly green, bright yellow, or a lacquered purple.

Next on my powder room to do list: decide on color scheme, possibly add a skirt to the sink, and make a curtain for the window. Stay tuned . . .