Pictures of Toronto Home in Chloe Designed by Drew Mandel

Coveted Crib: Catherine and David's Home in Chloe

I finally got to theaters to see Atom Egoyan's scandalous thriller Chloe — did you catch my Get the Look last week? As unsettling as the film is, the sets and scenery are absolutely stunning. Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson's characters, Catherine and David, live in an expansive modern ravine home in Toronto, which actually has a large role in the film. I kept thinking that the film seems destined for the blog Unhappy Hipsters, with Catherine's despair and self-destruction solidifying the idea that modern architecture goes hand-in-hand with some lonely sense of gloom.

I did some digging around to find the real house that's featured in the film. As it turns out, it was designed by Toronto-based architect Drew Mandel. The art collection that you see in the film belongs to the homeowners, and likely much of the luxe modern furnishings as well. I loved the glass panes that you see throughout the house; they create so much visibility, openness, and flow. The living room fireplace is also magnificent.
Take a look at more photos of the house below.