Pictures of St. Paul Hotel in Montreal

New Luxury in Old Montreal at the St. Paul Hotel

I love visiting cities with quaint character and old world charm. But I have to admit, at the end of the day, I like to unwind surrounded by modern conveniences and simple, updated decor. Which makes the St. Paul Hotel, Canada's first design hotel, a tempting destination. The hotel is located in Old Montreal, with its beautiful historic buildings and charming European vibe, but the interior of the hotel is decidedly modern.

Floors throughout the hotel are a rich, dark wood, while furniture and accessories are in soothing, neutral earth tones. According to the hotel's site, guest rooms alternate between earth and sky themes; earth rooms feature bolder colors and stronger shapes (red stripes!), while sky rooms stick to softer tones, billowy curtains, and drapey fabrics. Decisions, decisions! Prefer fire over the other elements? The St. Paul Hotel can do that, too. Common areas boast uber-modern double fireplaces, and the hotel's on-site restaurant is adorned with black furniture, strategically placed flames, and a generally devilish theme.

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