Pictures of The Real World New Orleans House

Sneak Peek: The Real World New Orleans House

We already got a sneak peek of the action that will unfold when The Real World returns to New Orleans this season. But before The Real World XXIV premieres Wednesday night on MTV, I've got an inside look at what's always been my favorite part of the show: the fabulous digs.

Will the new housemates show New Orleans, one of my favorite cities, the respect it deserves? Probably not. But the house does the city proud. The interiors incorporate the best of what the Crescent City has to offer: shutters and wrought-iron elements in the bedrooms, salvaged bar signage in the kitchen, jazz motifs with this piano rug and saxophone chandelier, and even a streetcar! The Mardi Gras memorabilia is a bit heavy-handed, but otherwise, I'm coveting this crib. See all the photos when you read more.

Photos Courtesy of MTV