Photos of Paintings of Andrew Stevovich

Artist of the Day: Andrew Stevovich

Artist Andrew Stevovich creates scenes of everyday domesticity and pleasure that often seem suspended in time. Using highly stylized figures that are influenced by the works of Italian Renaissance painters as well as expressionists, Stevovich's work is saturated with color, while the people that populate his work often seem to belong to the same family, given the similar facial features and body types employed by the artist.

Stevovich prefers to let the viewer form his or her opinion about his subject matter, noting,

I will leave the viewers to exercise their own creativity and thought in regard to the meaning of the work. My own feeling is that paintings are in a way very much like mirrors; mirrors that will reflect better and be far more interesting without the intrusion of the artist's verbal explanations.

The somewhat mysteriously intentioned Stevovich earned his MFA in Painting from Massachusetts College of Art, Boston and his BFA in Painting from Rhode Island School of Design. His work has been exhibited on an international level and is held in a number of both public and private collections. You can currently view his work in person at New York's Adelson Galleries through the end of this month. If you like what you see, you can also pick up the coffee table book of his work, Essential Elements ($65).

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