Photos of a New Orleans Studio Apartment

Su Casa: A New Orleans Studio Apartment

Here's a post from CasaSugar Community member SoFlaNYCnola from the Su Casa group:

I'm just getting settled in a studio apartment in the French Quarter of New Orleans. After living in NYC for so many years, I'm looking forward to having some color and sunlight in my home. I have colorful art (more on the way), and a very colorful dresser arrived just this morning. I love the upcycled dresser but now my color scheme is all sorts thrown off. The new dresser is overwhelmingly bright, so I had to change my duvet to the brightest I own just to turn it down a notch. What now?
What color do I paint the walls? Which walls do I paint? Maybe I just paint a thick stripe around the rectangle that is my main room? I wasn't planning on window treatments since no one can see in to my apartment, and I love the French windows and all the natural light that shines in. I was thinking I might try a contact paper/paint pen project at some point. I'd like to get a small citrus fruit tree that can live indoors. What would you do?

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