Photos of Hotel Matilda With Quotes From McAlpine Booth & Ferrier Partner Ray Booth

Tour of Hotel Matilda, Plus Exclusive Interview With Ray Booth

The infinity pool, as well as the rest of the pool grounds, is surrounded by plants that are indigenous to the region. Linda and Markus Luck of Sozo Landscape used both rare and common plants to complement the hotel's design, including Mexican weeping bamboo, agave plants, and a rare type of wildflower.

Earlier this month, I alerted you to the upcoming opening of Hotel Matilda in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Named for the subject of a famous 1940s portrait of Matilda Stream by revered Mexican artist Diego Rivera (the original painting is in the hotel owner’s private collection while an image hangs in Hotel Matilda), this boutique hotel is filled with gorgeous art from Latin and Mexican artists.

Hotel Matilda is officially open for business this Friday, and is offering special opening hotel rates through the end of 2010 starting at $195 a night. With features including an onsite 4,700-square-foot spa, an infinity pool, an artisanal-spirit stocked bar, a seasonal-menu-themed restaurant, and of course, all of that gorgeous artwork, I'm trying to rearrange my schedule to figure out when I can jet down to San Miguel de Allende for a stay before the new year.

Want to take a mini tour of this cool new hotel? I've got plenty of photos to share. And luckily, Ray Booth, one of the partners from the firm of McAlpine, Booth, & Ferrier, the force behind the hotel's design, was kind enough to share the lowdown on its design and artwork.