Photos of Designer Jennifer Post's Minimal Apartment in the Apthorp

Coveted Crib: Jennifer Post's Upper West Side Abode

New York-based designer Jennifer Post has been published in Architectural Digest nearly every year since 2001, along with a slew of other publications like the New York Times and Florida Design. And if all the good press weren't validation, she was given a formal honor in 2010 when she was named one of the AD 100. Her precision and elegant, modern style have made her one of the most sought-after designers.

As I always say, there's no place to get a more honest glimpse of a designer's aesthetic than in his or her own home. So I was ecstatic to come across a tour of Post's apartment in The Apthorp, a historic building on Manhattan's Upper West Side, on New York Social Diary. Her "no bullshit" approach, as she calls it, is seen in white, minimalist interiors, luxurious finishes, and statement-making artwork. Every piece, from a nearly invisible sconce to a diminutive side table to chartreuse box moulding, is purposeful.

She parallels this technique to the build of a Bentley: "Bentley is respected, it’s world-renowned. It’s never altered its reputation in the engineering. Bentley is Old World but it’s still wanted by the New World. Look at a Bentley’s steering wheel or its interior: they’re seamless, it’s like Hermès leather and there’s this beautiful lacquer."

Take a tour of Jennifer Post's Manhattan apartment below!

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