Photos of Artist Hayley Gaberlavage's New Orleans Studio and Apartment

House Tour: Artist Hayley Gaberlavage's New Orleans Studio and Apartment

Here's Hayley with one of her favorite paintings, "Miss Hazel," and a gorgeous midcentury Danish modern dresser.

In February, I took a trip to my old stomping grounds of New Orleans and visited artist Hayley Gaberlavage, whose work I featured on Casa in September. I met Hayley through another NOLA artist, Amanda Stone Talley, and both, with their sweet Southern hearts and innate, nonpareil style, were instant friend crushes.

Hayley lives on the coolest block of Magazine Street, one of the most vibrant, artistic stretches of the city. Hayley's home, a one-bedroom apartment with an expansive balcony, also doubles as her studio, so she keeps it looking sharp for art enthusiasts like me who hope to drop by. Hayley is admittedly a midcentury modern and Danish design enthusiast. So in addition to her outstanding landscapes, abstracts, and figurative paintings spattering the white, gallery-style walls, the interiors are also punctuated with crave-worthy furniture that's she has perfectly and minimally arranged. The result is a bright and cozy place to sit and chat about art over a key lime soda on a hot New Orleans day.

Let me take you on the full tour!