Photographer to Watch: Kari Herer

I came across the work of Portland, ME-based photographer Kari Herer on Etsy and was absolutely swept off my feet. She does commercial, portrait, and fine art work, but it's her floral photography that really gets me.
Fresh peonies and hydrangea make wonderful subjects for anyone behind the camera, but take a look at Herer's work and you'll be convinced she's truly a stylist at heart. Here, she's arranged and captured a delicate magnolia on a gorgeous botanical illustration — buy an eight-by-10 print here for $25. In Peony No. 9364, flower buds prove to have strength in numbers in her well-composed arrangment. A pinecone in a teacup? Unusual, but ethereal. Herer's composition is flawless and she almost gives her subjects a vintage feel, which I adore. See more of her work when you read more.