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Photographer to Watch: Aimee Herring

The natural light in Aimée Herring's interior photographs makes me want to pull up all the blinds in my office and bask in the sunlight, or just pack my bags and move right into the interiors themselves. Yes, these homes are also beautifully designed, so that helps. But, her composition of any basic vignette like a potted flower and a framed print or a vase of flowers and (insert anything) could sell any house in a New York minute, even in this unforgiving housing market.

What really impresses me about her work is that, unlike the work of many interior photographers, it doesn't make you crave the shabby chic dresser (which, albeit, may be crave worthy). But after seeing it, you find yourself looking for a realtor to find you the house with the shabby chic dresser so you can call the dresser, the floors, the grass, the light, the house, and everything that comes with it your own. Aimée's mother must have taught her well about the simple pleasures in life like fresh fruit, your dog climbing into bed with you, the feeling of your bare feet in the grass, or opening a door to a beautiful room. I find that admirable, not to mention that her photographs are simply breathtaking, without much thought or analysis.

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