Photographer to Watch: Aaron Chang

Surfer, world traveler, and photographer Aaron Chang expresses his passion for the outdoor world through his massive, beautifully rendered photographs. Aaron, who has just opened his first gallery in Solana Beach, CA, works in large-format photographic prints that highlight his love for travel and the ocean. An award-winning photographer with over 100 magazine covers to his credit, Aaron is currently working with renowned designer David Carson on his first book, which should be out this December. I recently had the opportunity to interview Aaron about his work, life, and commitment to the environment.

CasaSugar: Did surfing affect your desire to start taking photographs, or was it the other way around?

Aaron Chang: Yes, surfing was the reason I started taking photographs. I saw so much beauty when I was surfing that I was motivated to shoot in order to share what I was seeing with people.

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CasaSugar: What is your favorite subject to photograph?

Aaron Chang: The ocean. Waves in particular.

CasaSugar: I see that you're involved with Surfrider Foundation. Can you tell readers a little about this charity?

Aaron Chang: I have a passion for the ocean, so my partnering with Surfrider was an obvious fit. We will be partnering with Surfrider for the gallery's grand opening on Feb. 28. A portion of the evening's sales will be donated to them. We will also be working with them on an ongoing basis for future events.

CasaSugar: I love that you use eco-friendly materials. How and why did you begin doing this?

Aaron Chang: I feel it is important to be responsible with the earth's finite resources. Every little bit helps. [Aaron uses material such as recycled scrap metal and earth-friendly dyes.]

CasaSugar: Why did you decide to present your photographs in such a large format?

Aaron Chang: Big is exciting! The new digital process can replicate 68 billion colors with laser precision, allowing us to make prints that were not technologically possible a few years ago. These prints have startling resolution and color at sizes that create lifelike experience for the viewer.