Paintings by New Orleans Artist Hayley Gaberlavage

Artist of the Day: Hayley Gaberlavage

During a recent trip to my old stomping grounds of New Orleans, I stopped by artist Amanda Stone Talley's studio to say hello. Not only was she sweet enough to give me a personal tour of her own carriage house a few blocks away, but she walked me down the street to the studio of her friend and fellow artist Hayley Gaberlavage. Unfortunately, Hayley wasn't in, so I peered into her porch window to get a look at her paintings and was instantly intrigued.

A native of Alabama, Hayley earned an interior design degree from the University of Alabama, followed by an MFA from Savannah College of Art and Design. After solidifying herself in the art scenes of Atlanta and New York City, she gained a following of commercial clients, private galleries, and personal collectors. Now she's settled into a studio on Magazine Street in New Orleans, one of the most vibrant, artistic stretches of the city.

Hayley lends a contemporary edge to landscapes, abstracts, and figurative paintings. What I love most is how she blurs the lines between the three. For instance, the Moorish motifs and the flirtatious couple in "Tug on You" (left) blend dreamily and seamlessly, while the setting of "Melon Heads" (right) contributes as much to the feeling of retro Southern Summer nostalgia as the gentlemen in camping chairs indulging in their sweet fruit.

In her artist statement, she writes, "Celebrating both fine art and the sleek contemporary art of post-World War II baby boomers, my painted canvases creatively seek a retro aesthetic of an outdated, yet relevant modern era . . . My overarching artistic vision is defined by present-day sensory sensations, an irreverent youth-generation, and seemingly meaningless pop culture." Hayley also tells me that her background in interior design has made midcentury furniture and Danish design a huge inspiration for her. "I'm inspired by the environment I live in and the people that surround me. I love watching people in their own environment too," she says. "I could go on and on where I find inspiration but it comes to me even walking down the street!"

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P.S. All of these paintings are available and Hayley is currently running a sale, so email her for prices!