Oppenheim Architecture + Design Wadi Rum Hotel

Sneak Peek: Sustainable Desert Hotel Will Take Inspiration From Nature

Oppenheim Architecture + Design Wadi Rum Hotel

Reminding me of something you might see on Tatooine, the desert planet from Star Wars, a new, opulent design hotel is currently planned to open in three years in Jordan's Wadi Rum region, an hour outside of the city of Petra. According to World Architectural News, architectural firm Oppenheim Architecture + Design recently won a competition to design the hotel, which will consist of 47 desert lodges that will be nestled into the red sandstone cliffs of the region.

Sustainable materials including rammed earth and cement mixed with locally sourced red sand will be used to construct the lodges. Other eco and sustainable methods will be employed into the design, including using gray and black water that will be turned back into potable water through the use of a living machine, and other water conservation measures. I'd love to see the design in person, and this sneak peek of the hotel's architectural drawings are only making me more eager to see the real thing.

All images by Luxigon