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Open House: Wedding Décor DIYs

As we skirt through wedding season, I've given you some DIY suggestions like wine glass candle lampshades and a DIY wedding book, but of course, I know there's plenty more to offer in that department. So for this Open House, I'd love to hear about any types of wedding décor you've seen DIY'd or that you've handmade for your own weddings.

Have you been to an entirely DIY wedding? Received any homemade goodie baskets? Did your friends arrange their own flowers at their weddings? Sew the tablecloths or napkins? Make their own candles? How about the invites? Were they handmade? I bet you've encountered some DIY wedding décor somewhere along the line. Tell me by commenting below! As always, check out IDoSugar for all of our wedding coverage.


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