Oh Joy! For Hygge and West Wallpaper

Nice and New: Oh Joy! For Hygge and West Wallpaper

Graphic designer and food and design blogger Joy Deangdeelert Cho, best known as Oh Joy!, has teamed up with online design shop Hygge & West to debut a collection of wallpaper (each double roll is $125). The line includes three patterns available in various colorways: Petal Pusher, Lovely Leaves, and A Stone's Throw Away. My favorite, Petal Pusher (above), balances a vintage feel of old floral woodcuts with a bold modern scale. Lovely Leaves celebrates the architectural detail of leaves with delicate, simple lines. A Stone's Throw Away is inspired by "a topographic viewpoint of the earth from above" with abstract stone shapes in a random pattern.

Hygge & West, as you remember, was started by Christiana Coop, who runs the American arm of Danish wallpaper company Ferm Living. So it's no surprise Coop has gorgeous taste in wallpaper designers! You can also be guaranteed you're ordering high-quality paper here. Check out the other designs below.