November's Architectural Digest Features Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch

November's Architectural Digest Features Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch

If you've ever wanted to see the interiors of Michael Jackson's infamous Neverland Ranch, you can put your curiosity to rest. The November issue of Architectural Digest features two stories about Jackson and his sprawling 2,700-acre Santa Ynez Valley, CA, estate. Inside are many rare photos and a personal story recalled by photographer Harry Benson who visited and photographed Jackson at the estate over the years.

I was intrigued to learn that the icon kept most of the furniture and interiors just as they were when he bought the property from real estate developer William Bone in 1988. I'm also surprised at how dark the interiors are; I expected more color from the much-talked-about "fantasy land." Although, Jackson's playful décor, like his Peter Pan sculpture, more than makes up for that.

Get a sneak peek inside Neverland Ranch and at some portraits of Jackson, and read some memorable quotes when you read more!

Here are a few quotes from Benson:

Michael took me into the rehearsal studio where he had refined the moonwalk. He told me he often brought Prince there to watch him practice in front of the mirrored wall and said they would dance together someday. I was convinced that was going to be the next act.

One could see how Neverland could take Michael’s mind off all his worries and transport him from the reality of his stressful life. He had everything he wanted there.

Standing outside his bedroom was a wax figure of a queen’s Household Calvary guard. The bedroom itself was dark and quite plain, in tones of beige and brown, and, to be honest, a bit depressing.

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