Natalie Portman Overpays For a Medieval Mini Manse

After selling her West Village condo, and moving in with her parents, Natalie Portman is no longer homeless. The bright-eyed beauty has snatched up a 4,866-square-foot, 4-bedrooms, 2-bath 1930s estate in Los Angeles for $3.25 million — $51,000 over the asking price. The property has had a history of celebrity ownership, including Dermot Mulroney and Catherine Keener, and DMB saxophonist LeRoi Moore. There was undoubtedly considerable interest in the property if Portman overpaid. But, that comes as no surprise, considering its dazzling features like a private courtyard, rich wood floors, sanctuary-style windows, buttressed ceilings, French doors, over 18,000 square feet of lush landscaping, and a beautiful pool. To see photos of the property, read more.