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Rent Naomi Watts's House For $20K a Month

Rent Naomi Watts's House For $20K a Month

If you're lucky enough to be on the hunt for a rental property in Southern California (and you have deep pockets), you should set your sights on Naomi Watts's and Liev Schreiber's Brentwood home, which the couple is renting out for $20,000 a month. The property features a trellised outdoor living area, pool, gardens, formal living room, open kitchen and family area, and great architectural detailing, among other features.

According to Trulia's blog, it may also have recently housed other A-list stars:

The rumor around town is that Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom were the latest tenants. Orlando and Kerr own in Los Angeles, but it was reported that they fled their home for something more private after being the victims of the "Bling Ring" of thefts that swept Hollywood from 2008-2009.

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