Modern Scandinavian Household Goods

Can You Guess These Modern Scandinavian Home Products?

Montreal-based company Urban Butik specializes in modern Scandinavian design objects. These objects identified as “Brugskunst” (usable and functional art). They're also sometimes a little difficult to identify out of context. Can you tell me what each of these products are?

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Can you ID this product?
Pasta strainer
Fly swatter
Hand fan
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This is a . . .
To-go cup
Toilet plunger
Watering can
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How about this?
Bird feeder
Snack jar
Succulent terrarium
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This object is a . . .
Bathtub nozzle
Sink nozzle
Door knocker
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Can you guess what this is?
Coat rack
Mail organizer
Pot rack
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And this is a . . .
Cake server
Garden trowel
Rocking chair
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This confounding object is definitely a . . .
Shower head
Tea kettle
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